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The Chef

Fabio Di Felice was born in Terracina and began working in the restaurant business at the age of 14. He realized immediately that this was where he was going to make his career.

A graduate of the Fiuggi Catering Institute, he worked for eleven years at the “Al Vicoletto” restaurant in Terracina where he learned the tools of the trade.

He went on to the ‘Hosteria del Pesce’restaurant in Rome for four years and spent a year at the ‘Rhome’ restaurant, also in Rome.

He did numerous seasonal stints at major restaurants such as that of the Hotel Des Pecheurs, with Ignazio Floro on the Island of Favignana and the Villa Verde restaurant in Capri.

It wasn’t until he opened ‘Vizi Capitali’ that he was able to realize his dream of running a restaurant all his own. That is why there is no doubt as to the dedication, passion and know-how he puts into his culinary projects.


Chef Fabio di Felice